Appalachain State University 
Steam and Chilled Water Tunnel for Plemmons 
Student Union Expansion and Living Learning Center
This project consisted of the construction of approximently 200 linear feet of cast in place concrete tunnel. The tunnel was roughly 5' by 5' clear space inside, also consisted of one cast in place manhole that was approximently 13' tall and 10' square inside. Work involved in this project was the demolition and disposal of existing road surface, and ampitheater, electrical and existing underground steam lines. The work also included excavation for new tunnel, electrical duct bank to run power to future buildings, tunnel construction, waterproofing, and installation of steam and chilled water lines. During the construction of the tunnel the construction manager began work on the expansion and new building. We were required to work closely with them due to our jobsite being in the middle of their construction limits. And due to the tight time table they were under it was critical that we complete our work in a timely manner and get out of there way so the new residence hall could open in time for students in the fall of 2012.