Greene Construction, Inc.

HCMM Project #: 6001-60001


Job Description: Project Manager/Estimator 




  1.   PURPOSE

    1. The purpose of this Job Description is to establish and define the authority, accountability, reporting relationships, responsibilities, duties, and measures of performance of the Project Manager/Estimator of Greene Construction, Inc.


    1. The basic function of the Project Manager/Estimator is to work along side the Senior Project Manager/Estimator follow jobs through from Estimating to job completion. Performing job costing while the project is moving forward is the goal here and reporting this by following up with the Construction Manager of Greene Construction, Inc. and our Superintendents.


    1. The Project Manager/Estimator reports to, and is accountable to, the Senior Project Manager/Estimator.

    2. The following positions report directly to Senior Project Manager/Estimator:

      1. Superintendent

    3. The Project Manager/Estimator Assistant works closely with the following positions:

      1. Project Manager/Estimator


    1. Site Foreman/Lead man



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to complete all areas outlined for this position in a satisfactory manner. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities necessary to meet the minimum job requirements of this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.



    1. Required: High school diploma or equivalent

    2. Preferred: Associates degree in Business Management or a similar practice


    1. Required: Valid Driver’s License

    2. Preferred: Same


    1. Required: 6 months years experience in a project management position of an equivalent construction related operation.

    2. Preferred: 2 or more years in a project management position with financial and operational responsibilities in a trade contracting environment.



      1. Good communication skills

      2. Must have experience with project/financial management responsibilities

      3. 6 months-2 years DIRECT industry project management experience

      4. Must be able to read, speak, and write the English language

      5. Must be able to work on multiple tasks at one time

      6. Must be able to work independently

      7. Must possess good housekeeping skills

      8. Must possess good problem solving skills

      9. Must possess good organizational skills

      10. Must possess leadership/management skills in motivation, delegation, and coaching of company personnel

      11. Must have practical application skills in resolving customer issues

      12. Must possess practical application skills for good employee relations

      13. Must have experience with developing and maintaining vendor/supplier relationships

      14. Must know computer software- Word, Excel, etc.




The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.


  1. BODY POSITIONS: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit, stand, bend and walk for prolonged periods of time.

  2. BODY MOVEMENTS: The employee must have a full range of body movements including use of hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, computer equipment and peripherals; and bending, reaching, and crouching.

  3. BODY SENSES: Must have command of all five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Specific vision abilities required include close vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus. These vision requirements in each area must be sufficient to shift in focus from computer screens to close forms.

  4. STRENGTH: Must have the ability to lift 25 Pounds with regularity.



      1. This position will be working primarily indoors but also requires the employee to be moving through other areas on a regular basis. From this movement, the employee will encounter varying temperatures from these areas. Travel will be in all types of weather including heavy rain and below freezing temperatures with snow conditions possible.

      2. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate, but can be higher in other areas.

      3. The position might be working around other trades. It is expected that required safety equipment will be worn when the situation warrants it.



    1. The Project Manager/Estimator is selected and appointed by the Management Team and has been delegated the authority required to successfully accomplish all of the duties and responsibilities of this position.



    1. Position will wear protective gear (Safety Glasses and Hard Hat, etc. as required) at all times while on job sites.

    2. The position will respect the rights and views of all team members at all times while performing their duties.

    3. The position is required to openly and honestly communicate all problems or ideas to their team members and the management staff at all times while performing their duties. Any problems or ideas not openly and honestly communicated will be viewed as an uncaring act by the employee.

    4. The position will exemplify our “team” concept by applying, practically, a “How Can I Help” philosophy while performing their duties (helping each other first instead of addressing our individual needs before the company’s).

    5. The position is required to articulate questions, requests, concerns, information, with all team members and to respond to these things in a complete, accurate, and timely manner at all times.

    6. The position is required to continually look for and recommend ways to improve our processes and help us become more efficient at what we do.

    7. The position is required to adhere to all the company policies and procedures as outlined in our Employee Handbook at all times.


    1. Position will work along side Project Manager/Estimator helping with daily duties and assisting in any way possible.

    2. The position will make follow-up calls on a DAILY basis to incoming customer inquiries and out-bound follow-up calls to current vendors/clients as necessary to ensure on-time deliveries on supplies, ensuring subcontractors are going to be on site on time and completing each project on time, and ensuring our customer’s expectations are being met.

    3. Position will be directly responsible for resolving customer issues regarding quality, delivery, or any other product performance issues as required to satisfy our customers.

    4. Position is responsible for maintaining our APPROVED vendor list and good vendor relations to ensure that proper operational performance can be achieved at all times-this accomplished with the help of the Superintendent.

    5. Position will follow up and report on-time completion standards to his Senior Project Manager/Estimator as required in meeting customer expectations at all times.

    6. Position will be responsible for maintaining exceptional communications throughout the company through the diligent use of company, production, and management meetings.

    7. Position is responsible for the coordination of outside service vendors (other trades we might sub-contract, suppliers, etc.) in completing work for our customers. Position will ensure quality standards and on-time job completion are consistently met by these vendors. Position is responsible for communicating this information to his Senior Project Manager or Superintendent as necessary.

    8. Submit accurate and timely reports documenting job site activities to the Senior Project Manager/Estimator, including those for job costing (ensuring we stay within the budget for each job), production activity (payroll budget is achieved-little to no over-time is used to complete a job) and scheduling (ensuring the proper manpower, equipment and tools are on the job sites on time and in good working condition).


    1. Fairly and consistently apply Company and personnel policies.


Within budgetary guidelines, help manage production labor/materials/supplies in a manner to minimize Company costs while preventing waste resulting in restricting production-this completed through the constant communication and assistance or support from the Superintendent and Senior Project Manager/Estimator.


    1. Position will receive prospective projects from SPM and will produce Estimating Documents (cost estimates/bids, contracts, etc,) and will send out invitations for subcontractors to bid on all respective projects in a timely manner as required for bid submittals. APM will have PM/Estimator review these estimates BEFORE this submission. Position will ensure ALL submittal documents, bonds, etc. are in-hand and ready for bid with appropriate signatures attached.

    2. If bid awarded, will confer with Senior Estimator so, as a team, we can put together a plan (schedule of events) and decide on what Superintendent and construction crew should be assigned to that particular job.

    3. Will purchase materials and supplies with approved vendors and suppliers to be delivered to job sites and manage purchase order process as required. Position will ONLY order the supplies and materials that have been approved and awarded to GCI that were on the original bid (the ONLY exception to this would be a change order). When vendor/supplier/subcontractor invoices come in to the office these are routed to the PM first. The PM will “code” (a General Ledger list will be provided), approve that the price quoted matches the price on their invoice, and will note the job name/number on the invoice. The PM will make a copy of that invoice, put that copy into their job file and forward the original copy to the accounting department so they can enter those invoices immediately. This will allow GCI to invoice more efficiently, thus giving us the ability to have a stronger cash flow.

    4. Position will keep up with “as-built” projects to ensure timely close-outs. Completes the project close-outs and recommends when a project is ready for final billing to the Finance & Administration Manager.

    5. Position works with superintendent and keeps the Senior Project Manager up-dated on project needs and manages the “Change Order” process to ensure we are capturing all the costs and can bill our customers correctly. Thus, improving efficiency in all areas of the project and inter-departmentally.

    6. Position will complete a FOLLOW-UP CALL with every customer one month after project close to ensure they are satisfied with our services, workmanship and/or products.

    7. Ensure proper paperwork is filled out and submitted to other departments as deemed necessary to keep workflow efficient and productive.

    8. Will keep Senior PM and Construction Manager informed of job progress on a daily basis, and communicate changes IMMEDIATELY to all responsible for maintaining the production schedule.

    9. Research, recommend and execute measures to the Project Manager to improve production efficiency, product quality, and safety.

    10. This position will be asked to perform other duties and responsibilities from time to time that are not outlined in this job description. It is expected that you will perform these duties as requested.




The Project Manager/Estimator of Greene Construction, Inc. shall be deemed to be performing in an acceptable manner when the following have been accomplished:


  1. Safety gear (as described above) is worn at all times as required.

  2. The position demonstrates and exemplifies a “How Can I Help” philosophy with all the team members consistently

  3. The position consistently exemplifies and adheres to the company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook

  4. The position is consistently communicating problems, ideas and concerns in an open and honest manner while performing your duties. You will pass on critical information to all necessary for the purpose of maintaining quality products and services to meet our customer’s expectations

  5. The position consistently assists to maintain on-time completion of our customer’s workload as expected.

  6. In making decisions to take actions, that the position is focused, at all times, in satisfying the customers needs first, and the company’s needs second.

  7. The position ensures budget requirements are consistently achieved through diligent use and management of the job quotes and contracts of our customers.

  8. The position ensures all scheduled company meetings (company, production, management) are consistently attended at all times as required

  9. Based on the meetings with the Project Manager, the position will be evaluated on the development, execution, and implementation of the directives agreed upon to ensure growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability goals are consistently achieved through proper pricing and budget management.

  10. Through stringent financial and operational management this position assists field management team to maintain a minimum of 5-10% profitability on all work performed to meet job quote pricing requirements.

  11. Ensures accurate and timely reports documenting job costing and production activities are submitted to the Project Manager consistently (as required).

  12. With agreement from the PM and Superintendent the APM will ensure the job sites are filled with qualified personnel to get the job done right the FIRST time.

  13. Measures are researched, recommended and discussed with the Project Manager to improve field efficiency, product quality, and safety on a consistent basis.

  14. Other tasks assigned by the Project Manager/Estimator are performed in an accurate, complete, and timely manner.

  15. Workflow processes are implemented and sustained at all times to ensure the efficient and proficient standards are met on a daily basis.

  16. The incumbent has met and discussed the Monthly Job Costing report as required.

  17. Estimates and bids are completed in a timely and judicious manner to meet profitability goals and get in the hands of the prospective customer’s as needed for them to make accurate and timely decisions.



    1. I have reviewed and understand the above job description and believe it to be accurate and complete, and I can successfully fulfill each duty or task. I also agree management retains the right to change this job description at any time.


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