Middlefork Greenway

With the construction of an 8 mile Greenway taking place from Blowing Rock to Boone, Greene Construction was brought in to perform the complicated task of re-routing the river to create an open path for the greenway.  We had to build temporary dams and shut off one whole section of the culvert that runs underneath highway 321 in order to pour a concrete pathway.  We also installed storm water drains and split rail fencing.  This project incorporated the NCDOT, local and state waterway officials, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Middlefork 1

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First Baptist Church Boone

First Baptist was an exciting renovation to be a part of!  We have put in many hard hours to a historical church originally built in the 1930's. We had to do a complete renovation of the electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooler systems.  We removed and replaced everything from flooring to paint, ceilings, trim, and relocation of bathrooms and an entire kitchen renovation.  Some of the items added to the church were a state of the art media system, air conditioning, handicap ramps, a grease interceptor and new decorative canopies.   On the exterior of the building we have erected 3 new canopies and entrances. 

FBC 1 

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