ASU Turchin Center for the Visual Arts

The Turchin Center is an art gallery along King St. that holds many of the universities best art pieces.  With such high profile works on a high profile building this project had to stay on track and on time.  The Turchin Center had a modern bridge connecting the 2 buildings, but due to weather the University saw a need to enclose this bridge.  Greene Construction performed the work necessary to close in this bridge and provide additional display space.   We also did minor renovations to the building and concrete site work surrounding the building entrance.

Turchin 1

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ASU Data Center

The Data Center is a state of the art media center for Appalachian State.  The renovation involved demolition and construction for a new mail and data room including new flooring, partition walls and finishes.  We also graded and built retaining walls in order to hold two large generator pads.

Data 1

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ASU Rivers St parking deck

Due to high winds and accumulation of snow there was a need for some sort of protection for the elevators and passengers at the River’s Street parking deck.  Greene Construction installed storefront glass and frames on each floor in order to protect the valuable equipment.  This was a unique project that required forward thinking and problem solving.  It also came with a spectacular view of campus!

IMG 6634

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Tanger Outlets Sink Hole Repair

After an unusually large amount of rain last year a large sinkhole formed in the middle of the Tanger Outlets shopping center entrance.  Greene Construction responded immediately by constructing a temporary entrance.  After over a year we have finished the demolition of the old metal culvert and installation of the new concrete culvert.  This project required blocking and pumping of the entire North Fork of the New river, excavation of over 40,000 yards of soil, the setting and placing of a larger concrete culvert, and one very large crane.  All this work was performed while the shopping center remained fully operational.


IMG 6477

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